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  • Frank Gu


The first integration of both a tank and a mod into one unique device. NEBOX has many of the advantages of the SUBOX (SSOCC&mini RBA) but with a massive increase in juice capacity. With Temperature control, adjustable wattage and a pre-installed Ni200 coil, NEBOX is designed to deliver your perfect vape experience. NEBOX’S all in one design make it the ultimate in portability, convenience and performance.

  • Frank Gu

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  • Oct 20, 2016

    Cupti. Useless. It does leak, no matter what they say, but the worst thing about it is that the controls are right next to the filling tank. one slip and the buttons are full of e liquid and it is done for. problems ever since i got it. should have taken it straight back. shame,. it looks cool, but badly thought out

    — pesky

  • Oct 06, 2016

    I liked my nebox at first but there were lots of times that I had leaks. I did the O-ring solution and it is better.Second problem is when my mode changes to temp mode when I am using Wattage mode. My problem now is that my screen is blank. It does fire and produce vapor but I could not see my settings.

    — Charles

  • Sep 16, 2016

    Don’t waste your money on kangertech unless you want to buy a new nebox every 4 months. I bought one the end of november 2015. After a while the fire would only work sometimes, about a week later it stopped working all together. Bought another new one, same issues as the first one. Now its september and the 2nd one has already stopped working. Cheap Chinese junk! Tried to contact the company with no response. The people at this company dont care about their customers, as long as they are making money!

    — Ryan

  • Sep 08, 2016

    Refuse to honour the warranty. They have video and purchase proof. After 4 weeks, my Cupti stopped working. 6 weeks later after that, still no replacement, no refund and no further emails from them. This company is a scam.

    — James Kendrick

  • Sep 06, 2016

    I used to have a problem with leaking of my nebox found out if you put an o ring around the chimney inside the tank it stops the leaking problem I did it to mine and has not leaked since I found this out on u tube

    — cherie

  • Sep 04, 2016

    Had same problems with leaks on day one. Found a good setting at 40w and 420 degrees. Now no leaks and good hits and cloud.

    — DJ

  • Aug 29, 2016

    dont know why you guys have leak issues. ive have none. this set is just awesome

    — Anne

  • Aug 27, 2016

    hello, the lcd screm of my nebox not work, what can i do??? i can’t see nothing in the display.

    — Alan Derendinger

  • Aug 24, 2016

    I also have a Kangertech Nebox which drips no matter what I do. It seems that no matter what, aLloyd my liquid will drip through the bottom. I tried storing it in so many ways you won’t believe it.
    If I could find my receipt I would have tried to make a return. But even so, I don’t think the store will do it. They don’t seem so happy about returns/RMA.
    What to do? I don’t know.

    — Ahmad El-Wali

  • Aug 20, 2016

    I bought 2of them for $250+tax, one for my wife and one for me. Both leaked from day one. I have gone through 3 bottles of e juice in a week. The worst product I have ever bought. Tried all the fixes that I read about in here but nothing. Those stupid things keep leaking. This company should contact each one of us and raplace them with an improved version of it or give us our money back. Otherwise they should close shop and get out of this business….

    — John Athanasopoulos

  • Aug 11, 2016

    I actually feel a little dizzy right now from all the nicotine that leaked on my hand. Lol :/

    — Lauren

  • Aug 11, 2016

    I bought the nebox over 5 months ago. It has leaked almost since the beginning. I’ve bought mountains of coils trying to replace it, had several vape store workers work on it.
    Decided to try it again today with all new stuff, leaked all over my hand as soon as I filled it up with $30 juice. I had high hopes but I’m out a vape pen and out a brand new tank of expensive juice.
    Damn, kanger tech…

    — Lauren

  • Jul 31, 2016

    Leakbox. Cupti? More like empti after leakin

    — Ted Holmes

  • Jul 30, 2016

    Bad coils, dry hit very often. Worked for 4 weeks then the cheap buttons (+ in particular) stuck on its own and now rendered my CUPTI useless.

    — Ryan

  • Jul 29, 2016

    Leave out of heat an sun, always lay on side when not useing an no temp coils. No leaks

    — Thim

  • Jul 22, 2016

    Just wanted to update. Leaking problem fixed with RBA. Vaping great now. I only have to run mod at 18w and get plenty of cloud and flavor. Also save a lot on battery life. Its a shame the standard coils haven’t been good to anyone I know. Kangertech needs tonfix there products to continue selling. My subtank nano has NEVER given me problems though.

    — K.H.

  • Jul 21, 2016

    Need some issues resolved asap with your products

    — Dustin Freeman ( owner)

  • Jul 18, 2016

    I too have had problems with leaking. All the coils plusbthe RNA that came with the nebox work fine. After order " authentic" Clapton’s, ceramics and SSOCCs they all have proved to leak. I wish it were not so since I love the feel and design of the all in one. Lately I’ve just been rebuilding. I didn’t want to have to mess with coils and rewicking but I guess that’s the only way to save my juice.

    — Kenneth Hadfield

  • Jul 14, 2016

    I got my NEBOX to stop leaking by simply putting a rubber O-ring (size 4 – found at most hardware stores) inside the tank around the air hole/tube, and then I tighten the bottom on by using a Quarter or a larger coin. I can’t make it as tight using a coin the size of a Nickel, Penny or Dime. It has to be a big coin. And the bottom needs to be screwed on very tight. Just make sure to use an O-ring that is the same size as the black O-ring that is used for the drip tip. I bought a bunch at my local hardware store because I noticed that after I removed my drip tip several times, the O-ring started to look a bit shredded, so I figured it would be a good idea to keep some extra O-rings on hand. No more leaking – ever.

    Also, I use the Ni200 coils at around 350 degrees at 35 watts and it works great for me. And I replace the coil about every 2 weeks. I prefer the Ni200 coils because I don’t get any hot, harsh hits that burn my throat, which I was getting when I was using steel coils with temperature control turned off (TOFF) and watt mode (W-MODE). Ni200 is way better in my opinion.

    I don’t care about big thick clouds, I care more about getting a decent nicotine fix when I need it, but I did switch from using 28mg nicotine down to 18, and now I am using 12mg and I am very happy now. I am going to try to go lower and use 6mg in the future. But I don’t see myself ever using 3mg, because if I crave nicotine badly, I know 3mg isn’t going to give me the fix I need. I also tend to hold my hit a while, which makes my cloud dissipate in my lungs a great deal – before I blow it out. So my clouds usually look smaller and less thick looking. But if I don’t hold my hit long and just blow out right away, it does make a ridiculously huge, thick, white cloud, which is what I see most people do. I almost never see anybody hold a hit longer than 2 seconds. I hold my hit in about 8 seconds, sometimes longer, just like I did when I smoked real cigarettes, because I wanted to trap, hold and absorb all the nicotine that i could, and get the fix I needed – especially when I knew that I wasn’t going to take another smoke break at work for a few hours.

    My micro Usb port connector pins got damaged, so I have to use a separate charger to charge my battery, which turned out to be an awesome investment because I bought 2 new batteries that are both 3.7 volt, 35 amp, 3000 mAh, and I bought a really great dual battery charger that charges both batteries extremely fast, much faster than I was charging before. And now I can simply swap batteries back and forth without worrying about need to charge as often. I don’t tighten the battery cover tight, I just tighten it on with my finger, which makes it much easier to swap out batteries quickly.

    My red NEBOX has been dropped many times and has dents, paint chips and scratches, but it still works great and it kind of looks cool all beat up looking. At 12mg nicotine using a Ni200 coil at 350 degrees and 35 watts, it gives me a hit that feels just like I’m smoking a real cigarette, except now I do lung hits, where I used to do 2 mouth-to-lung hits in a row with a real cigarette, and hold it as 1 big, long hit before blowing it out.

    — Fergus O'Daly

  • Jul 12, 2016

    Im on my 2nd Nebox thinking the first one was faulty or id done something to like drop it accidently having had a drink. Bought another and agin it leaks from every seal, the top, the bottom, basically anywhere it can.

    The battery compartment always has liquid in it. The screen has stopped working as theres liquid in that part too

    I think all customers should be reimbursed. Im looking for a replacement. I noticed whilst looking tonight there is a new redesigned nebox called the subti. Sure thats an admittance of bad design the first time round with the nebox. Shocking!!

    — Craig Buckley

  • Jul 10, 2016

    Had it for about 3 months…won’t even turn on and I switched the batteries 4 times..what a waste of money

    — Donaldo Fortune

  • Jul 09, 2016

    Since day 1 leaking. I looked all over net for fixes, tried them all and still nothing; so frustrating. Neleak.

    — Dado

  • Jul 09, 2016

    Since day 1 leaking. I looked all over net for fixes, tried them all and still nothing; so frustrating. Neleak.

    — Dado

  • Jul 05, 2016

    I have had my nebox for several months the leaking is due to the wick not being tight enough to the inside of the coil assembly inlet hole i use the rebuild-able one and make the wick bigger and stuff the excess up against the inlet hole. if its to small the fluid leaks thru then out the bottom of the coil. use alternative coil that fit they work better if you dont use the rebuild able one. they take time to get the hang of it but work good. i dont like the plastic mouth piece it just broke off easy it should be machined aluminum. i run my rebuild able coil at 28 watt 305 f for best flavor. huge clouds

    — william

  • Jul 04, 2016

    Day 1 no leaking. Day 2 slight leak. Day 3 whole tank emptied all over kitchen side. tried adding extra seal but still leaks……
    Kangertech have an obligation to contact customers as this is a major problem as only 3 days old.

    — Jay

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