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1. For customers who buy from Kangeronline directly

6 months warranty on the following items:
• Starter kits
• Box mods/Batteries
• USB cable and AC power

3 months warranty on the following item
• Atomizer/Clearomizers (excluding coils)

The warranty starts from the day the package signed up. After you received your order, please do check if there is any quality problem.
Please be noted that we will not be responsible for any man-made issue.
In order to save your shipping fee, there is no need for you to send these defects back. But the following information needs to be provided when asking for replacements:

1) Defective description
2) Order number
3) Authenticity code / Security label http://qr.szkanger.com
4) Product name and quantity:
5) Defective Video or pictures:
Note: Video/video links or pictures must be straight to the point and show the problem clearly.

Generally, we will ship the replacements along with your new orders after receiving your defective products information and confirming the problems.
Sometimes when the replacement is not available, we will ship your order out first in case any shipment delay and send you the replacement along with your next order.

Please contact our customer service team by email at sales@kangeronline.com with a description of the problem along with your order number. Your order number will be sent after payment.


2. For customers who buy from other vendors

Kangertech will not directly make replacement to the end user.

Step #1: The first step is to authenticate that your product is a Genuine Kangertech product. We will not provide parts or replacements for any product that is NOT authenticated according to the process we have established and explained how to use here: All customers can verify the authenticity of their Kangertech products by going to website below and inputting the code on the packaging.

Scratch label   QR code label

Genuine Kangertech products are packaged with these two kind labels on the outside along with printed instructions inside each of package of clearomizer, battery, kit and Atomizer. The scratch-off with a product code under it, while the QR code label can scanned for checking.
If there is no engraving on the product and/or the code is not authenticated, it is not genuine so please Do Not contact Kangertech Customer Service. Contact the vendor where you purchased the product, and tell them you want a refund or a genuine Kangertech product
Step #2:
Contact the direct vendor for assistant since they are your direct vendor and they have the liability and responsibility to serve you. You should bring along with your parts, Authenticity code and the purchase receipts to seek you vendor’s help
Step #3
In case your vendor cannot help you. You may contact Kangertech service center
with the Authenticity code number, the name of the product, and a description of what your issue or problem is with the product. If possible, include a photo/picture of the product and/or the part that has an issue. Make sure that the photos include the Kangertech name, logo, and product name which are engraved or printed on all Kangertech genuine products as shown in photos below.

We also encourage you to go to our www.Kangerforum.com which problem can be fixed by the trouble shooting tips provided there.

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