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  • Kanger Subox starter kit
  • Frank Gu
  • Kanger Subox starter kit

Kanger Subox starter kit

Expected to be a smash hit in the Vaping world, Kanger is ready to release it’s SUBOX mini. The SUBOX mini contains both the KBOX mini and the Subtank Mini, together in one package for a match made in heaven. Containing two different OCC’s (0.5 Sub Ohm and 1.5 Ohm) and a Variable Wattage system, the SUBOX Mini is full of features and options. On top of that, there’s a new airflow design and an easier to assemble RBA for newer users. The SUBOX Mini has it all, quality for the experienced and ease for the newcomers.

  • Frank Gu
  • Kanger Subox starter kit

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  • Jul 19, 2018

    What Mah 18650 battery does the Subbox Mini take and how many?

    — Kenneth Kurgas

  • May 21, 2018

    bought a kbox 120 about a month ago and now the screen shows it charging all the time even when its not i was told that there is an update to fix this prob but cant find one now im out 100$???

    — Bryan Reid

  • Nov 24, 2017

    What is the RBA and how does it work. Empties the tank and spills juice everywhere when I try. OCC coils don’t last too long

    — susan

  • Oct 15, 2017

    I bought my Kangertech subox mini about 2 years ago. I have bought about ten new tanks and five new mods since then. Some of those mods still work but NONE have been through what I put my Kangertech mini through and I cannot kill it. Does it still have paint, in some places. Do I wish I had the 75w instead of the 50w, sure. The honest assessment is this. I beat the hell outta every electronic I have ever owned due to the environment I’m in on a daily basis while at work. It could be a cell phone, mp3 player, dj equipment, or vapes, my Kangertech is the most resilient thing I have owned no joke! I could not count the times it has Smashed into peices mod over there, battery cover over here, and my 18650 battery rolling towards doom (hundreds if not a thousand, it is very close)! Every time I think to myself this time has got to be the time I bury it. It is still with me! I also can speak for two good friends that own them as well they both love them and one being a hammerhead just like me, he cannot kill his either and he is even harder on his. He has owned his (75w) for a year and a half. These things last! If Kangertech makes a new model to take its place I will be one of the first in line to get it, not because I need it. I bet my old one will still work well even then but because I still have not found a comprible durable mod from any other brand, one has come close and its waterproof but it is only 6 months old. I will get it because this company has proven to me that they sell reliable and well built vapes! I hope the next one is waterproof and has a shock resistant exterior that would be the icing on the vapes!

    — Mikey B

  • Jun 29, 2017

    I had a mini for over two heads and I dropped it 50+ times on concrete, roads parking lots and it kept going and still does. The magnets got weak but a case solved that. Should come with a silicone sleeve for that theiy are cheap like 0.70 to make. But it is built to last. Buy a charger for batteries as no USB micros hold up mine did but I used it only occasionally.

    It’s a good solid design.

    — PJ

  • Jun 10, 2017

    I have two kbox mini/ subox kits can’t fault them, thank you kangertech.

    The 9.9 flashing is user error not the unit your coil is to low on ohms or to high, Bobby has explained the rest in the above comments on how to resolve this so I don’t need to.

    The only con I have is the space in the RBA but as a 22mm wide unit I can’t complain.

    — Mike

  • May 25, 2017

    How do I update the firmware?

    — Robert McC

  • Apr 24, 2017

    Let me try this again. I have a Kbox mini. Please advise to which seals to order as the tank seems to leak.

    — Jeannie Ramberg

  • Apr 24, 2017

    My tank leaks. Can you direct me to which seals to order so I can try and see if that is the problem. Thanks

    — Jeannie Ramberg

  • Apr 14, 2017

    Wtf? I was looking at these thinking " wow these are a good price and they look pretty sweet" and then I come and read the comments and holy shit, why would I buy one of these after reading the comments? And you guys aren’t responding to these paying customers? Are you guys trying to go out of business orare you going to start addressing these issues? I’d be embarsssed to work for this company

    — Holy shit

  • Mar 30, 2017

    i bought the topbox mini starter…with the kbox mini and toptank. i did at one time encounter this notice this 9.99 atomizer issue, however, it was easily resolved. you must be smarter than your device. as with any electronics, clean and remove the battery and tank from the device (clean the 510 spring thread on the mod, and the drip tip and juice well with a qtip, wipe the threads and bottom of your tank, and reinstall it, ensure its flush) taking the battery out to reset the device usually works. if not, check you are not using a sub-par battery. i suggest going with sony vct5. in any case, install the tank then the battery. Fire up your device and it should ask you if there is a new atomizer, to which you choose yes. If the issue is still not resolved, try your tank on another compatible device, and the device with another tank. sometimes if your tank is not clean and flush, especially if some debris enters the device from the top of the juice well. ive found my share of tobacco leaves that had come out of my pocket and fell into the juice well, blocking up the atomizer. Always close airflow when not in use to reduce this possibility

    i love mine

    — bobby

  • Mar 21, 2017

    I want a refund. Flashes 9.99 ohms. Got a new top tank worked for a week or two. Broken again. Don’t buy it.

    — Kristen Cowell

  • Mar 17, 2017

    I wasted 65 bucks in this piece of shit. It flashes 9.99ohms over and over and you can’t fix it. I don’t wanna be racist but this is what usually happens with chinese crappy products. They work and work and work and produce and produce and produce, but at the end they are just billions exporting crap and contaminating the world continuously with useless stuff.
    I don’t get all the hate against the US and their consumerism while this bunch of yellow assfucks are an endless crap-production machine.

    — This is a piece of shit

  • Feb 20, 2017

    I recently got a Topbox Mini and loved it. Lest than a week of using it it constantly blinks 9.99u but legs me get a Puff or two every now and then. I’ve cleaned it put to new coils still blinks.

    — Rico Duffield

  • Feb 16, 2017

    I just purchased a TopBox Mini Starter Kit and cannot run the mod at any temperature over 400 F. Whenever I try, the full battery indicator flashes totally drained. Is there some way to fix this issue so that I can run the temperature at what I need? Thank you in advance.

    — Phil Stewart

  • Jan 27, 2017

    Could you offer an instruction page on-line that would allow users to have a product that they can use? Seems many of us have the same issues with units that do not turn off as they should. And it is tuff to switch from temp to watts.

    — Milton Estabrooks

  • Jan 23, 2017

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  • Jan 23, 2017

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  • Jan 20, 2017

    The on off button keeps getting stuck help

    — Lee

  • Jan 19, 2017

    You buy a diff vape. Will prob actually work as long as its not kangertech.

    — Tim

  • Jan 18, 2017

    I purchased Subox mini Starter Kit.. i cannot charg battery. i changed usp buyed new device for charge i buyed new Battery but its not charging yet… this is very bad product noone cant fix it

    — Nuri

  • Jan 14, 2017

    Just purchased the Kanger Top Box Mini and I can’t turn it off without removing the battery. Apparently with five clicks of the fire button it’s supposed to turn off..??? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use the mod, seems like a manufacturer problem to me.

    — Joan

  • Jan 13, 2017

    Sounds like a shit company with cheap products

    — Not buying this product.

  • Dec 19, 2016

    I’m using this battery for almost a year now and it still works like a charm.

    Only downside is it takes about half a second between pressing the button and it actually firing the coil.

    Otherwise, very sturdy product.

    — Dino Nalbanski

  • Dec 10, 2016

    hello ,

    is there any update for kangertech subox mini ?

    — nasser

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