Kangertech media release

The Kanger Mini ProTank 3

The Kanger Mini ProTank 3 took the already amazing ProTank to a whole new level of performance and size. The Mini ProTank 3 is a modular design that can be fully disassembled for cleaning, and replacement of parts.The Borosilicate Glass Tank " Pyrex " is now user replaceable. "We will have replacements shortly."
The newly designed top cap allows you to use almost any 510 driptip. The new design also has provided a nicer draw, without sacrificing any flavor or vapor output.

Aerotank+iPow 2

The Kanger Aerotank v2 offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Aerotank but with a redesigned airflow valve. Turn the dial on the base to increase or decrease airflow to your preference. It also comes with a stainless steel replacement tube if glass isn't your thing. In this version the atomizer heads have also been redesigned with the wicks hidden to further prevent leakage. Enjoy the this combination.

The kanger emow kit

The EMOW tank is dual bottom coil design. It is easy to refill and performs great.  This kit features replaceable coils, so you can use the tank indefinitely and replace only the coils. The EMOW battery is a top of the line variable voltage ego battery, It has three voltage settings: 3.7, 4.2, and 4.8  volts. It will hit hard throughout the discharge cycle of the battery. The battery will provide you with the same great power from the start of your day until the very end.


Subtank is here now

The revolutionary Subtank hybrid, A first of its kind. Giving you the freedom to switch between Kanger’s newly designed OrganicCotton Coil heads (OCC) and a new rebuildable atomizer head. OCC make use of organic cotton as wick which is much healthy. With just a few twists, you can switch from a convenient vaping expirience to getting down and modify by making your own coils and choosing your own wicks to your pleasure.

World Cup & Kangertech

Here at Kanger, we strongly believe in the inspiring images of the world cup and the power it has to bring people together. We want to take that inspiration and form a strong foundation of culture and values, not just our own, but a mix of the world. As these products we create are from the manifestation of the vape community as a whole. The world cup, as we look closely, is more than just a game, but a time where people from all over the world come to participate to watch, share, and believe in their culture and countries. With the last 4 teams now, we wish luck to all! 

Savvy Engineer Wanted!


Fellow Vapors, Do you believe you have what it takes to design a grand vaporizer? Do you have experience in 3D design tools such as CAD, 3DS? We are presenting all designers and engineers an opportunity to work with us and in turn, you will be able to create your own vaporizer signed in your name and of course, payment is involved. We are looking to cooperate with engineers all around the world. Send us your design and we will discuss your designs among our team and  our manufacture key players. This is not a contest, but a real opportunity to create something amazing. At Kangertech, we believe in precise detailed designs with an array of complex proportions to present a meticulous and elegant touch for every hand and eye. 

 Please visit our Career section to see details on how to apply! 

Year of the horse


In Chinese astrology, Horse year is considered a fortunate year that brings luck and good things. Magical Horse has supernatural powers, is heroic, strong, and can even fly! A white celestial cloud Horse is sacred to the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin. Her white Horse flies through the heavens, bringing peace and blessings. Horse is a hero in China because important battles were won due to the power and strength of the Horse.

Kanger Aerotank available

Kanger aerotank clearomizer

The Kanger aerotank clearomizer offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger Clearomizer protank series, but with the introduction of stainless material made with dual coil heads inside! The aerotank is still using 510 threaded.

Kanger Protank-2 #1

"Many of the major differences in this version are the many customization options Kanger has added to the ProTank II. In addition to the replaceable drip tip mentioned earlier, it is also possible to replace the coils, the base, and the glass tank. For example, while using a colored tank on the original ProTank meant buying a colored ProTank, the modularity of the ProTank II allows the user to replace just the glass." by Vapor squad check more informations here

Brand new warehouse

Our brand new warehouse

Brand new standalone industrial warehouse 1000 sqm warehouse 10 meters high, including 500 sqm space for Kanger online inventory. and another 500 sqm for OEM inventory. 3D designed can fit 3X more goods. 

To meet increasing demands. 

Faster for delivery.